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Barnby Howes

Hob Uid: 29519
Location :
North Yorkshire
Grid Ref : NZ8305013810
Summary : Two round barrows excavated in 1917 and 1951. The 1951 excavations found one of the barrows to comprise a turf mound retained by a stone kerb. There was also a central pit, found to be empty - possibly due to the earlier excavations. Little structural features were recorded in the other. Traces of a cremation and finds including, pottery, jet objects and flint barbed and tanged arrowhead and scrapers were recovered. The finds are present in Whitby Museum. Gibson (1982) has described the kerbs iwalling as the remains of huts predating the construction of the barrows. It is alleged that one or both of the barrows were also used as beacons.
More information : ('A' - NZ 83021381; 'B' - NZ 83051381) Barnby Howes (NR) Site of
Beacon (NAT) (1)

Barnby Howes appeared as two low mounds circa 2.5 ft high before
excavation by P Ashbee and A ApSimon in 1951. Previous disturbance
was noted in both barrows and may be associated with W Hornsby who is
known to have excavated at least one of these in 1917, although

'A' Barrow I. This consisted of a turf mound retained by a stone kerb with a gap or "entrance". A central pit (primary?), an intrusive spoiler's pit and two more recent pits were revealed. No primary burial was found but this may have been previously removed. Pottery sherds recovered suggested a vessel of fair size, possibly of the urn class, associated with a scattered cremation. Several pieces of jet and flint implements were found, including a barbed and tanged arrowhead and scrapers. The small hearths found outside the line of the kerb may be of domestic nature or part of a burial ritual.

'B' Barrow II. This mound appeared to have been natural but pockets
of discoloured soil and charcoal were found. Part of a B3 beaker was
discovered beneath the small scattered stones of a kerb. A despoiled, rock-filled, grave pit with a wooden plank at the bottom was uncovered but nothing dateable was found. No evidence to support the site of the beacon. Plans. (2)

No longer extant. (3)

There is no authority for the site of the beacon although it was known locally as "Lythe Beacon". It existed at the beginning of the present century, but upon which tumulus it stood is uncertain. (4)

Barnby Howes barrow II. Restored beaker of All-Over-Cord (AOC group -Corpus No 1235).

Sherds of beaker of Final Northern rusticated ware (FN group - Corpus
No 1235). In Whitby Museum. (5)

Barnby Howes Barrow I. Possible sherd of comb decorated Beaker. The
stone kerb was interpreted as the possible wall of a hut circle, being destroyed as part of the barrow building ritual. The interior had evidence of fierce burning over the whole area.

Barrow II, Large sherd of AOC Beaker, rim sherds of undecorated
pottery and a sherd of finger nail decorated pottery. The scattered
kerb was interpreted as "a rectangular stone setting with a line of
postholes following the 'wall' on the inside. Could be the remains of a hut but would appear too large". (6)

('A' - NZ 83021381; 'B' - NZ 83051381) Barnby Howes (NR) (sites
of)(NAT) (7)

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Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Neolithic
Display Date : Neolithic
Monument End Date : -2200
Monument Start Date : -4000
Monument Type : Hut Circle
Evidence : Conjectural Evidence
Monument Period Name : Bronze Age
Display Date : Bronze Age
Monument End Date : -700
Monument Start Date : -2600
Monument Type : Round Barrow, Cremation, Hut Circle
Evidence : Conjectural Evidence
Monument Period Name : Medieval
Display Date : Medieval
Monument End Date : 1540
Monument Start Date : 1066
Monument Type : Beacon
Evidence : Conjectural Evidence

Components and Objects:
Period : Bronze Age
Component Monument Type : Round Barrow, Cremation, Hut Circle
Object Material : Pottery, Jet, Flint

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External Cross Reference Source : National Monuments Record Number
External Cross Reference Number : NZ 81 SW 10
External Cross Reference Notes :

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Associated Activities : Primary, BARNBY HOWES
Activity type : EXCAVATION
Start Date : 1951-01-01
End Date : 1951-12-31
Associated Activities : Primary, FIELD OBSERVATION ON NZ 81 SW 10
Start Date : 1967-03-06
End Date : 1967-03-06