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Monument Number 304745

Hob Uid: 304745
Location :
Farewell and Chorley
Grid Ref : SK0880011600
Summary : Alleged site of a castle mound. Field investigation in 1958 suggests it is the remains of old gravel workings and later cultivation or the course of a stream.
More information : (SK 088116) "Mr J T Irvine thus reports the discovery of
the site of what was probably a castle of Saxon date, near
Lichfield. 'I have recently found the eastern mounds of a very
early castle not mentioned by Shaw, or...by any other writer.
The site is by the side of an ancient hollow road passing from or
past Lichfield, through Lincroft to Farewill ....and on to the
Chace. The site is just below Farewill Mill, where the road makes
an angle, and it has running water on three sides....'. (1)

The plan exhibited, shewed the position due east of Farewill, at
the angle formed by the hollow road to Lichfield. The high
ground, which is in the form of a rounded square, is divided
by a cross ditch into two almost equal parts.

No traces of the earthworks of a castle were seen in this field.
On its north and east sides are traces of an apparent bank, 10m
wide and 1m high. It is not continuous and merges into the
natural slopes elsewhere. There are old quarries to the north,
north-east and east of this pasture and the 'bank' is probably
the result of quarrying and later cultivation.

A hollow, from north to south, across the 'cross-ditch' of Authy
1. It is continued to the south where traces of marsh and water-
weed suggest that it may be a former course of the nearby stream.

There is no local tradition of a castle hereabouts. (2)

Sources :
Source Number : 1
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Page(s) : 258-9
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Vol(s) : 34 - 1878
Source Number : 2
Source :
Source details : F1 WW 05-MAY-58
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Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Uncertain
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Monument Type : Castle, Non Antiquity
Evidence : Conjectural Evidence

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External Cross Reference Number : SK 01 SE 10
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Start Date : 1958-05-05
End Date : 1958-05-05