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Studley Old Castle

Hob Uid: 328752
Location :
Grid Ref : SP0812063830
Summary : Site of a motte castle variously described as a motte and bailey, moated site, ringwork or castle now surviving as earthworks and buried remains. A ditch surrounding the motte has a V-shaped profile and measures 13m wide and approximately 0.7m deep. The flat topped mound has been artificially raised to a height of 4m above the surrounding ground surface. It is roughly circular in plan and has a diameter of approximately 77m across its summit. The castle, parts of which were still upstanding in the mid-17th century, is thought to have been built circa 1135-40 possibly by William Corbucion. A small scale excavation in 1867 recovered fragments of pottery dating from the mid 12th to mid 13th century. Part of the site is now occupied by Castle Cottages (SP06SE27). Scheduled.
More information : (SP 08126383) Old Castle (NR) (Site of) (NAT). (1)

Studley: ".. In the Conqueror's time the greatest part of Studley was possessed by Will. fiz Corbuciones..... where he or some of his descendants had a castle, the ruines thereof is evidence...." (2)

The site of the Castle is marked by a circular rampart and ditch north of Studley church. Of its architectural history nothing is known, although some ruins were still standing in Dugdale's time. (3)

Dugdale's description indicates substantial masonry of a castle of some importance. (sic) It was "...of a motte and bailey type with presumably later buildings in stone erected within the bailey but it may have been a square stone keep". The site at present consists of "an artificially made platform, approximately circular in shape with no definite ditch except on the side next to the road where it is about 2' deep with a steep bank up to the platform which at its northern end is about 10' high..." All other traces of it, including the motte and the bailey enclosure bank, were erased in the 18th century by the rearrangement of the garden of the house (Castle Cottages) that now occupies the site, (SP06SE). At this time the moat was backfilled. (4)

The remains of a castle mound attaining a maximum height of 5.0m. Modern improvements have destroyed half the original mound and neither ditch nor bailey can now be traced. Published survey (25") correct. (5)

The Moated Sites Research Group suggest that the site was moated. (6)

King lists the site as a ringwork. (7)

Studley Castle is an example of a motte castle which is locally rare, only four such sites having been located in Warwickshire. The motte castle is thought to have been built ca.1135-40. Excavation has confirmed buried structures, the artefactual information giving a C12th-C13th date. (8)

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Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Medieval
Display Date : Extant C12 and 13
Monument End Date : 1299
Monument Start Date : 1100
Monument Type : Castle, Motte, Moat
Evidence : Earthwork
Monument Period Name : Medieval
Display Date : Built ca 1135-1140
Monument End Date : 1140
Monument Start Date : 1135
Monument Type : Castle, Motte And Bailey, Moat, Ringwork, Findspot
Evidence : Earthwork, Sub Surface Deposit

Components and Objects:
Period : Medieval
Component Monument Type : Castle, Motte And Bailey, Moat, Ringwork, Findspot
Object Type : VESSEL
Object Material : Pottery

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External Cross Reference Number : 570
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External Cross Reference Number : 21584
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External Cross Reference Source : National Monuments Record Number
External Cross Reference Number : SP 06 SE 1
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Activity type : EXCAVATION
Start Date : 1967-01-01
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Start Date : 1968-05-15
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