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Monument Number 350171

Hob Uid: 350171
Location :
City of Peterborough
Grid Ref : TF1069005250
Summary : Site of a medieval manor house or a hunting lodge associated with the motte and bailey castle to the east. The stone building was square in plan with thick walls and may have had a vaulted room on the ground floor. Pottery recovered during partial excavation of the site dated from the 12th to the 14th centuries. A pond to the east of the site is thought to have originated as a decoy pond.
More information : (TF 10700525) The remains of the manor house of Torpel lie at the south-east corner of Lawn Wood. Little beyond rubble masonry is left, but there is enough to show that the building was of great strength, being a square of 40ft (inside) with walls 9ft thick. A little ashlar facing with a vaulting shaft remains at the interior south-west angle suggesting a vaulted basement. The date of the masonry can only be given within wide limits, but it seems 14th century. The site was moated. Claimed as an important new discovery and identified as Topel Castle. (1-3)

Situated at TF 1069805254 are the remains of the building above noted. The architectural descriptions are in the main acceptable, save that the suggested corner turrets are not definite and the circular stair could not be identified. The building is not erected on a motte; fallen stone, humus, debris and surface levelling prior to the construction now give the impression of a mound adjacent to the east wall only. There is no moat; the water feature suggested as such is now a duck breeding pond and was probably originally a decoy. The purpose of the building can only be suggested.

Torpel Castle motte and bailey is some 400m. ENE. and this may have been either a summer residence or hunting lodge to the castle (its situation, within a prepared park, is typical of the latter). Authority 1's suggestion that this was Torpel manor house may be correct, the manorial seat having moved here when the motte became untenable (probably early in the 14c. when the last mention of the village occurs). In size the building is small and a large establishment is not feasible. There was disparking by 1554 so the tenure was possibly short and the suggestion by authority 2 that this was the original Torpel Castle could not be substantiated. Extant architectural remains suggest a L13c. - E14c. date of construction. There are no adjacent defences, outworks or building sites.
Surveyed at 1/2500. (4)

This site has become known as Torpel Castle but there is little evidence that this was the site of a castle. It is probable that the earthwork site to the east (TF 10 NW 13) was the manor house of Torpel and that the building is the remains of a deer park lodge. (For deer park, see TF 10 NW 36). (5)

TF 107053. Scheduled as "Castle keep in village of Torpel". (6)

(TF 10700525) Manor House (NR) (remains of) (NAT) (7)

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Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Medieval
Display Date : C12-C14
Monument End Date : 1399
Monument Start Date : 1100
Monument Type : Hunting Lodge, Manor House, Fortified House, Decoy Pond
Evidence : Ruined Building, Earthwork, Find

Components and Objects:
Period : Medieval
Component Monument Type : Hunting Lodge, Manor House, Fortified House, Decoy Pond
Object Type : VESSEL
Object Material : Pottery

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External Cross Reference Source : Scheduled Monument Legacy (County No.)
External Cross Reference Number : CB 149
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External Cross Reference Source : National Monuments Record Number
External Cross Reference Number : TF 10 NW 18
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Associated Activities : Primary, FIELD OBSERVATION ON TF 10 NW 18
Start Date : 1969-02-28
End Date : 1969-02-28