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Monument Number 36031

Hob Uid: 36031
Location :
Somerset West and Taunton
Grid Ref : SS8694040690
Summary : Cropmarks and earthworks of an enclosure and platforms indicate the possible site of a Prehistoric or Roman enclosed settlement.
More information : SS 869408. A previously unrecorded hillslope enclosure on Codsend
Moors with a ruined, roughly circular eroded stone rampart, was
located from air photographs by Richard McDonnell and examined in the
field. No entrance is visible but there are roughly-terraced
platforms within. The site is not shown on maps back to about 1800
and is crossed N-S by an early 19th century enclosure wall. (1)

Circular, hillslope enclosure situated at SS 8695 4070 within an area
of enclosed moorland. Associated with a field system (SS 84 SE 37).
This enclosure lies on a slight shelf on sloping ground midway down
the south facing Codsend Moor. It has been cut into two unequal partsby the passage of a large, post-Medieval field bank with a ditch on
both sides, running north north west to south south east down the
hillside. A substantial field drain, embanked on its lower side, has
clipped the north arc of the enclosure bank. Despite this damage the
site is reasonably well preserved.
The circuit is made up from a broad bank of medium-size stones (up to
0.20 metres in diameter) of local Devonian sandstones, prescribing a
near circular course approximately 48 metres in diameter over the
banks and enclosing an area just under 0.1 hectare. This bank was
probably originally a constructed drystone wall of large proportions
but is now spread to widths between 5.50 and 8.0 metres. In
transverse section the bank is flat-topped or only slightly domed,
with short scarps on both sides. Frequent pitting along the top
attests occasional robbing of stone. On the north arc immediately
west of the field boundary the bank stands 1.2 metres high internally,clearly in part due to terracing into the slope and 0.30 metres high
externally. Around the remainder of the circuit the internal height
varies between 0.15 and 0.50 metres and the external height between 0.30 and 0.80 metres.
No clear entrance could be located. Gaps in the bank on the south
west and east sides are irregular and accompanied by scattered stone,
strongly suggesting that they are breaches. There is a 13 metre wide
gap in the south arc where, save a small stone pile 3.40 by 1.70
metres, the bank appears to have been totally removed. Given the
topography and aspect, an entrance is likely to have been somewhere onthe south arc.
In the north east part of the interior two scarps define a
sub-circular area c. 14 by 12 metres. The north scarp is cut into theslope to a depth of c. 0.20 metres, the south scarp embanked to a
maximum of 0.60 metres. There are traces of another scarp in the
north west corner of the enclosure. These features form a platform inthe north third of the enclosure and are probably the remnants of a
building stance.
The Codsend enclosure is typologically related to a large group of
hillslope enclosures in south west England and there are good, local
parallels. At Sweetworthy (SS 84 SE 49) are two enclosures of similarsize, form, construction and topography, each with a single building
platform. Another probable enclosure (SS 84 SE 87), has been
discovered at the east end of Codsend Moor: it too is remarkably alikein size and plan. These enclosures are regarded generally to be of
late Iron Age and Romano-British date.
The enclosure is related to an extensive field system, SS 84 SE 37;
their inter-relationships are discussed in that record entry. (2)

Sources :
Source Number : 1
Source : Somerset archaeology and natural history : the proceedings of the Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society
Source details :
Page(s) : 118
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Vol(s) : 122, 1978
Source Number : 2
Source : Field Investigators Comments
Source details : F1 PP 08-OCT-87
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Source : Codsend Moor Part 1/ink survey
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Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Prehistoric, Roman
Display Date :
Monument End Date :
Monument Start Date :
Monument Type : Enclosed Settlement, Platform
Evidence : Earthwork, Cropmark

Components and Objects:
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External Cross Reference Source : SMR Number (Somerset)
External Cross Reference Number : 33511
External Cross Reference Notes :
External Cross Reference Source : National Monuments Record Number
External Cross Reference Number : SS 84 SE 25
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Related Activities :
Associated Activities : Primary, FIELD OBSERVATION ON SS 84 SE 25
Start Date : 1987-09-17
End Date : 1987-09-17