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Monument Number 375896

Hob Uid: 375896
Location :
Great Waltham
Grid Ref : TL6644019400
Summary : A medieval moated site, located immediately east of Absolpark. Scheduled.
More information : (TL 664 194) Moat (NR) (1)

Moat north east of Absolpark Farm is well preserved. (2)

A rectangular waterfilled moat lies to the NE of Absolpark
Farm. It measures 80.0m N-S by 70.0m E-W with arms averaging
16.0m wide. The interior is raised above the surrounding ground
level but no trace of building foundations were seen when a
tennis court was built within the moat in 1927.

Published survey 25" revised. (3)

A medieval moated site located immediately east of Absolpark Farm. The moated island measures a maximum of 40 metres by 42 metres. The waterfilled moat measures up to 18 metres wide and at least 4 metres deep. Its outer face has been revetted. An extension to the north-east corner of the moat may have been used as a watering place for cattle. The moat is marked on the 1816 map of Great Waltham parish and the 1846 plan of Absolpark. Absolpark Farm, a 17th century building, stands to the south west of the moat and is Listed Grade II. It is believed to have replaced an earlier house on the moated island. Scheduled (not house or moat). (4)

Sources :
Source Number : 1
Source :
Source details : OS 6" 1960
Page(s) :
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Vol(s) :
Source Number : 2
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Page(s) : 107
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Source Number : 3
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Source details : F1 PAS 12-NOV-75
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Source Number : 4
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Source details : 06-Apr-01
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Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Medieval
Display Date : Medieval
Monument End Date : 1540
Monument Start Date : 1066
Monument Type : Moat
Evidence : Earthwork

Components and Objects:
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External Cross Reference Source : Scheduled Monument Legacy (National No.)
External Cross Reference Number : 33263
External Cross Reference Notes :
External Cross Reference Source : National Monuments Record Number
External Cross Reference Number : TL 61 NE 5
External Cross Reference Notes :

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Start Date : 1975-11-12
End Date : 1975-11-12