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Sedgwick Castle

Hob Uid: 396654
Location :
West Sussex
Grid Ref : TQ1801026980
Summary : Earthwork and ruins of a medieval moated site with two concentric ditches, internal areas, ponds and outer enclosure dating to the 12th-13th centuries. In 1258 a keep and curtain wall were added, and the whole enclosed in a moat. In 1498 , a house was built on the site. The castle was demolished in 1612. A Saxon gaming piece was discovered during excavations.
More information : [TQ 18012698] SEDGEWICK CASTLE [G.T.] (remains of) [T.I.] (1)

It seems likely that some of the walls of which foundations were excavated at Sedgewick in 1923-4 may have been erected between 1066 and 1200. Sedgewick Castle was possibly built during the period 1135-1154. In 1258 the earlier buildings were encircled by two concentric moats and a curtain wall, and protected by a keep of which remains are extant. The Tudor hall and buildings, of which there are remains on the east part of the site, were probably erected c. 1498. Sedgwick Lodge was built c 1600, on the site of the present house and the castle largely demolished in 1612. Bone objects found at Sedgwick, thought to be possibly Saxon draughtsmen, are in Devizes Museum. [See AO/LP/63/27 AO/LP/63/23] (2)

Scheduled. (3)

Sedgwick Castle (not Sedgewick - owner, Mr Holder) comprises fragmentary stretches of walling of mortared rough-coursed Horsham stone, 0.6m thick, standing to 2.0m height, within a curtain wall, of which the SW side remains again of Horsham stone but of better workmanship, 1.7m thick, and standing to 4.0m height. There is evidence everywhere of excavation, now overgrown, but no further building remains are now visible.

The site is enclosed by a double concentric moat, now largely dry or marshy. The inner moat is 70.0m in diameter and is up to 3.0m deep and has a low, outer bank on the W side. The outer moat is 140.0m in diameter, and is up to 3.5 in deep, and has an outer bank on the N side and inner and outer banks on the S side.

To the W in Rushetts Gill are two embayed supply ponds, one above the other, waterfilled and in good condition. The N arm of the outer moat opens out onto the upper pond and the S arm onto the lower pond, whilst the inner moat is fed by a narrow channel from the lower pond.

Causewayed entrances lead from the castle site to N and S. That to the N gives access to an outer enclosure contained by a rampart on the N side and by remains of a bank on the E side. Within, is a fishpond still waterfilled, formerly fed from a spring (St Marn's or Nun's well, see TQ 12 NE 2) and issuing out into the upper supply pond to the W.

A causewayed entrance on the E side is probably modern. W of the lower pond is a bank 80.0m in length, probably a spoil heap as no retaining bank is necessary on this side. N of it is a pondbay quarry. The upper pondbay is 45.0m long 2.0m high and has an overspill with modern weirs around the W end within the old quarry.

The lower pondbay is 60.0m long, 3.5m high. with a private road upon it, and with a modern sluice at the W end.

The site is contained within Castle Wood and, apart from paths, is much obscured by undergrowth.

Published 25" survey revised. (4)

Sedgwick Castle, name confirmed. (5)

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Source details : OS 6" 1961
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Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Early Medieval
Display Date : Early Medieval
Monument End Date : 1066
Monument Start Date : 410
Monument Type :
Evidence : Find
Monument Period Name : Medieval
Display Date : Built 1135-1154
Monument End Date : 1154
Monument Start Date : 1135
Monument Type : Castle, Motte And Bailey
Evidence : Earthwork
Monument Period Name : Medieval
Display Date : Built 1258
Monument End Date : 1258
Monument Start Date : 1258
Monument Type : Keep, Curtain Wall, Moat, Concentric Castle
Evidence : Ruined Building, Structure, Earthwork
Monument Period Name : Medieval
Display Date : Rebuilt 1498
Monument End Date : 1498
Monument Start Date : 1498
Monument Type : House
Evidence : Sub Surface Deposit
Monument Period Name : Post Medieval
Display Date : Demolished 1612
Monument End Date : 1612
Monument Start Date : 1612
Monument Type : Castle
Evidence : Earthwork, Structure, Ruined Building

Components and Objects:
Period : Early Medieval
Component Monument Type :
Object Type : GAMING PIECE
Object Material :

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External Cross Reference Number : WS 39
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Activity type : EXCAVATION
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