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Historic England Research Records

Monument Number 431871

Hob Uid: 431871
Location :
Grid Ref : SX0506088440
Summary : Roman Milestone dating to the reign of Licinius (AD 308-24) was found in 1889 built into the stile at the east entrance to Tintagel churchyard. It is now in the south transept of the church. A celtic stone head has been noted lying at the foot of the milestone.
More information : A rectangular slate Roman milestone, 60 inches high,
12 inches wide and 8 inches thick, was found in 1889 built into
the stile at the east entrance to Tintagel churchyard. The
stone, dated 308-24, is now in the south transept of the church
(SX 05068845). (For inscription - see illustration card). (1)

SX 05068844. The stone, mounted against the west wall in the
south transept, was used as a coffin-rest at the church stile
until 1888. The lettering IMP C G VAL LIC LICIN, presumably
referring to the Emperor Licinius. It has been called a Roman
milestone but is more likely to be a sign of Roman authority

It is 1.5m high, 0.3m by 0.2m and the inscription is fairly

Surveyed at 1:2500. (2)

A Celtic stone head lying at the foot of the Roman milestone,
see illustration card, has been noted by Prof Charles Thomas. (3)

Sources :
Source Number : 1
Source : The Roman inscriptions of Britain, 1. Inscriptions on stone : epigraphic indexes
Source details :
Page(s) : 695-6
Figs. :
Plates :
Vol(s) : 1965
Source Number : 2
Source : Field Investigators Comments
Source details : F1 MJF 17-JUN-76
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Source Number : 2a
Source details : Tintagel Parish Church guide 8 1975 (A C Canner)
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Source Number : 3b
Source : Oral information, correspondence (not archived) or staff comments
Source details : Inf: Dr Anne Ross, Southampton University
Page(s) :
Figs. :
Plates :
Vol(s) :

Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Roman
Display Date : Roman
Monument End Date : 324
Monument Start Date : 308
Monument Type : Milestone
Evidence : Find

Components and Objects:
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External Cross Reference Source : Listed Building List Entry Legacy Uid
External Cross Reference Number : 68846
External Cross Reference Notes :
External Cross Reference Source : National Monuments Record Number
External Cross Reference Number : SX 08 NE 4
External Cross Reference Notes :

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Related Activities :
Associated Activities : Primary, FIELD OBSERVATION ON SX 08 NE 4
Start Date : 1976-06-17
End Date : 1976-06-17