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Historic England Research Records

Monument Number 439297

Hob Uid: 439297
Location :
South Hams
Grid Ref : SX5982063820
Summary : Cairn.
More information : A small stone circle, 20 metres in diameter, was
found during peat cutting just east of Shell Top reave
(SX 598638 deduced from diagram, page 18). It consists of small
granite blocks in a loose circle with a single gap, 3 metres
wide in the north west side. (1)

SX 59826382. A stone ring 20.5m. overall diameter, comprising
small, heather covered stones, 0.8m. wide and 0.2m. high. It
lies on the broad level summit of Shell Top at 475m. above
O.D. There is a 3.0m. wide gap on the north side and the interior
is slightly domed, about 0.4m. high, possibly a natural rise
since it is off-centre.

The term 'stone circle' is rather a mis-nomer since only a half
dozen stones protrude from the turf and in appearance it is
simply a low circular bank.

A comparable feature is that on Stall Down at SX 63536229 a
form of ring cairn. (2)

Sources :
Source Number : 1
Source details : Devon Arch Soc Proc 31 1973 20n plan
Page(s) :
Figs. :
Plates :
Vol(s) :
Source Number : 2
Source : Field Investigators Comments
Source details : F1 CC 22-AUG-77
Page(s) :
Figs. :
Plates :
Vol(s) :

Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Bronze Age
Display Date : Bronze Age
Monument End Date : -700
Monument Start Date : -2600
Monument Type : Cairn
Evidence :

Components and Objects:
Related Records from other datasets:
External Cross Reference Source : Scheduled Monument Legacy (National No.)
External Cross Reference Number : 10758
External Cross Reference Notes :
External Cross Reference Source : National Monuments Record Number
External Cross Reference Number : SX 56 SE 67
External Cross Reference Notes :

Related Warden Records :
Related Activities :
Associated Activities : Primary, FIELD OBSERVATION ON SX 56 SE 66
Start Date : 1977-08-22
End Date : 1977-08-22