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Historic England Research Records

Monument Number 439300

Hob Uid: 439300
Location :
South Hams
Shaugh Prior
Grid Ref : SX5976063790
Summary : Tor cairn 16.5m in diameter at Shell Top.
More information : The blocks on Shell Top (SX 59766380) appear to have
been moved to form a triangular cist. Around the blocks there
is a mound, constructed of small boulders, but not enough to
have formed a cairn. (1)

SX 59756379. Shell Top is a small granite tor lying 470m. above
OD., and two of the upper blocks are displaced to form a triangular
cavity, 2.5m. by 1.5m. maximum, and 0.8m. deep; it is floored
by granite and empty. The displacement is almost certainly natural
and the resultant cavity is far in excess of the usual cist
dimensions. Small boulders have been placed around the tor to
form a typical tor cairn, 16.5m. diameter and 1.4m. high; the
tor standing 1.4m. above them.

Surveyed at 1:10 000 on PFD. (2)

Depicted and described by Butler. (3)

SX 59756379. The tor cairn remains as described by Authority 2. Later activity on and around this feature is evidenced by an early OS triangulation mark inscribed on the highest part of the tor and a large rectangular pit, possibly of military origin, impinging on the NE side of the cairn.

Sources :
Source Number : 1
Source details : Devon Arch Soc Proc 31 1973 20 plan (Fleming and Collis)
Page(s) :
Figs. :
Plates :
Vol(s) :
Source Number : 2
Source : Field Investigators Comments
Source details : F1 CC 19-AUG-77
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Figs. :
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Source Number : 3
Source details : Butler J 1994 DARTMOOR ATLAS OF ANTIQUITIES Vol 3 - The South West
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Source Number : 4
Source : Field Investigators Comments
Source details : Probert SAJ 31-JUL-2002 EH Field Investigation
Page(s) :
Figs. :
Plates :
Vol(s) :

Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Bronze Age
Display Date : Bronze Age
Monument End Date : -700
Monument Start Date : -2600
Monument Type : Tor Cairn, Cist
Evidence : Structure

Components and Objects:
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External Cross Reference Source : Scheduled Monument Legacy (National No.)
External Cross Reference Number : 10614
External Cross Reference Notes :
External Cross Reference Source : National Monuments Record Number
External Cross Reference Number : SX 56 SE 68
External Cross Reference Notes :

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Associated Activities : FIELD OBSERVATION ON SX 56 SE 67
Start Date : 1977-08-19
End Date : 1977-08-19
Associated Activities : PLYM VALLEY SURVEY: EH PROJECT
Activity type : MEASURED SURVEY
Start Date : 2001-02-14
End Date : 2002-12-20