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Monument Number 439815

Hob Uid: 439815
Location :
West Devon
Peter Tavy
Grid Ref : SX5355076800
Summary : Prehistoric open settlement fields.
More information : (SX 53507676 & SX 53547678) Hut Circles (NR). (1)

On the lower north-east slope of Cox Tor, around 358m. OD., and
centred at SX 535768, are the remains of seven huts. They are
partially enclosed (see plan), lying within later newtakes. The huts
are of Type 1 (SX 56 SE 19) with level interiors and diameters from
4.4m. to 7.2m. and rubble walling averaging 1.6m. wide and 0.5m.
high; the few entrance gaps are to the north and east. An enclosure at SX 53487679 measures 102m. by 50m. It is mostly visible as a
lynchet-like slope with a possibly original entrance on the
north-west. Fragmentary remains of what may be a field system are
visible within the three modern fields centred at SX 53557685. (See
ground photographs).

Surveyed at 1:10 000 and at 1:2500 for AO records. (2)

A settlement comprising seven hut circles and associated enclosure, with traces of further enclosures of fields, in open grassland on the NE slope of Cox Tor. The features lie partly within a former small intake of enclosed fields and are damaged by ridge and furrow associated with it.

'A' SX 5347 7682. Poorly-preserved hut circle of 3.7 to 4.2m internal diameter with fragmentary walling spread to a maximum of 2.2m and only 0.25m high. The interior, slightly dished, is cut into the hillslope to 0.25m. The corresponding embankment down slope has produced a scarp 2.5m long and 0.4m high, exaggerated by the enclosure wall which appears to respect the hut circle. The whole is turf-covered with occasional small-medium size stone visible.

'B' SX 5349 7681. Turf-covered banks of small-medium size stone 2.5m wide and 0.25m high define a hut circle of 3.7m internal diameter with a level interior cut into the hillslope to 0.4m. There is a probable entrance gap on The E. Rig and furrow associated with the former intake has probably caused the damage visible across the S arc of the hut wall as a band of disturbed stone. The wall of the associated enclosure abutts the N wall of the hut as a slight spread scarp 0.2m high.

Hut circles A and B are incorporated into the circuit of an irregular enclosure of c.0.5 ha. It is visible as a lynchet-like scarp of varying preservation, 1 to 4.3m long and 0.2 to 1.1m high, best along its W side where patches of stone and large boulders are placed. A gap in the NW stretch is due to the passage of a former farm track.

'C' SX 5350 7677. Hut circle of 5.8m internal diameter with turf-covered, stone rubble walls 1.3m wide on the NE, but spread elsewhere to 3.1m wide, and up to 0.5m high. The intake bank clips the SW arc making the circle incomplete. Several larger boulders form part of the N wall, perhaps once edging stones. There is no entrance visible to a level interior cut into the slope to 0.4m and embanked downslope to 0.5m.

'D' SX 5353 7678. Poorly preserved oval hut circle of 3.7m to 5m internal diameter, defined mainly by a dished interior with only slight, turf-covered stony banks 1.3 to 2.9m wide and 0.15m high around it. A group of large boulders, with small stone against them, are positioned on the S arc. The interior has been levelled into the slope. Rig and furrow has disturbed this feature also.

'E' SX 5353 7679. Well-defined hut circle 5 to 6m internal diameter with turf-covered, rubble walling 2 to 3m wide and up to 0.6m high. A group of large boulders lies on the S wall. The level interior appears slightly sunken and is formed by cutting into the hillslope to 0.4m and downhill embankment to 0.6m height. There is no entrance visible.

'F' SX 5353 7683. Hut circle 4.8m to 5.8m internal diameter with low rubble walls 2-3m wide and up to 0.35m high. There is some damage to the NE arc. The interior is cut into the hillslope to 0.3m. There is no clear entrance.

'G' SX 5351 7684. Damaged remains of a hut circle represented by a low, semi-circular bank spread to between 1.6m and 3.3m wide with a maximum height of 0.45m where the interior has been terraced into the hillslope. A low scarp crossing the diameter seems to have cut away the remainder of the feature.

Three other small features are of note; H, J and K respectively:

SX 5350 7679. A low mound of small and medium stone 4.7m by 4m and 0.25m high. There is a slight, central depression.

SX 5351 7673. A teardrop-shaped stony mound 9 by 4.5m and 0.6m high aligned along the contour.

Both are probably related to stone clearance.

SX 5344 7681. A low bank 2.5m wide and 0.25m high delimiting a small area 10 by 4m at the NW corner of the enclosure. It is possibly a building stance.

Centred at SX 5358 7680 is a fragmented series of three subcircular fields or enclosures, none now complete, outlined by smooth, occasionally stony scarps 2m long and up to 0.5m high. They are similar in form and line to the enclosure already recorded. Taken together the features make what was probably a small group of fields or enclosed plots around the hut group; an agglomerated-type settlement. There is no reason to doubt that the present group was continuous with the larger group SX 57 NW 33 only 60m to the S, the physical connections having been removed by subsequent robbing.

See RCHME Cox Tor Survey (1/2500 scale). (4-5).

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Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Bronze Age
Display Date : Bronze Age
Monument End Date : -700
Monument Start Date : -2600
Monument Type : Settlement, Enclosure
Evidence : Ruined Building, Earthwork

Components and Objects:
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External Cross Reference Number : 20394
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External Cross Reference Number : 20397
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External Cross Reference Source : National Monuments Record Number
External Cross Reference Number : SX 57 NW 32
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Start Date : 1980-11-18
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Start Date : 1987-01-01
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